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Family Child Care

Why Family Child Care?

Family child care is a great option for young children’s first care experience outside of the home or from a one on one nanny. It provides a gentle exploration of group care in a home-like environment, that is often helpful when transitioning into a larger day care facility or preschool program. Many families find this alternative more comforting for their infants, because of the low ratios and warm, intimate environment.

My Home

Within my home my priority is creating a space that makes your child feel safe and secure in a stimulating learning environment. By understanding every child is unique with varying differences in temperament and rate of development, I am able to structure my care routine to your child so that I may enhance and challenge particular, distinct individual needs, interests and abilities.

I have a large living room/play area, spacious kitchen and wide open yard for play and exploring!


I am located near a school in a quiet neighborhood, with several parks in walking distance, as well as WildCare Nature Center.



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