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“My husband and I stumbled across Little Palms Daycare while we were looking to quickly move our daughter, Lula, from the daycare she was in. Although it had only been a few days, she was having a terrible time adjusting, crying all day, not sleeping and terribly depressed. Naturally, we were not sure if it was just our daughter having a hard time in a group setting or if it was the daycare itself. The minute that we met Christina James, we knew that this place was different. She is very grounded, approachable, calm and caring. From the very start, there was much less energy placed on trying to impress us, and more focus on establishing a real connection with Lula. During her transition, she made sure to send photos and updates, reassuring us that she was doing well, and always responded immediately to my calls and texts. From our daughter’s first day she was calm and happy in her presence, even napping with ease. I now know that the other daycare was absolutely a poor fit for Lula, and that Little Palms is just exceptional with children.

It is no exaggeration to say that the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my entire life was to go back to work and have to find a suitable replacement, (for myself) to care for my daughter. I thank my lucky stars that I found Little Palms Daycare. I have not spent a single minute in worry since my daughter has been in Christina’s care. Little Palms is certainly the best-kept secret in all of Marin.”


“Short and to the point is you cannot go wrong! Christina and Little Palms was the best decision we made when Jera was little. Jera was my first (and only) child and of course, I was super nervous to have to put her into care when she was 3months old, especially with the environment of the Bay Area (where, who, what kind of care..). We first met Christina before Little Palms was in existence, and when Christina went solo, we didn’t hesitate to follow. Jera was so well looked after and learned so much! She was with Christina from 3months to almost 4 years old. Even now, Jera talks about LP and the J.A.A.B crew- the four girls that sort of all grew up together with Christina (Jera, Amira, Anula, Bea).
On the ethos of LP- Christina truly teaches and engages the kids- arts, crafts, growing plants, even singing and dancing (Jera still has some of the moves…LOL). On the ethos of Christina- she is one of the most genuine, caring, beautiful souls I have ever met; extends beyond the work relationship- she cares about the kids and the families, and really wants a safe, caring, learning environment for the kiddos.” 

-Stacy S.

“When our plans for daytime child care unexpectedly fell through recently, Christina stepped in to help provide interim care for our 7-month-old son. We are so grateful to her for restoring a bit of normalcy during this challenging time. Not only was she very attentive and loving to our son, she was also a very helpful resource to us, coaching us through sleep training, sharing her child development expertise, and establishing more consistent routines for him that have served our family well ever since,”

-Jenni & Steve B.

“We’ve been working with Christina for almost a year now and our 2.5 year old adores her. She has a calm, confident approach that gently, yet effectively, enforce boundaries. We really appreciate her scheduling flexibility, and are grateful for her respectful caregiving!”

-Sarah W.

“I feel very lucky to have been referred to Christina for the care of our 2 1/2 year old son, Dean.  She is caring, attentive calm and very dependable.  Christina listens thoughtfully and finds creative ways to engage with Dean.  She is also respectful of routines and is attuned to any adjustments she might need to make.  He looks forward to her arrival each time!”


“Little Palms is amazing, and that magic is made by Christina who runs the small day care out of her home. My daughter went there when she was 18 months and she had an incredible experience and was asking for Christina within days. She never cried when I dropped her off, but she threw a tantrum 90% of the time when I picked her up – she never wanted to leave!

I looked at a lot of day cares before making the transition from a nanny to a day care, and this was absolutely, hands-down the best. Christina taught my daughter new songs, a love for books, how to sit in circle time, how to paint and do other fun art projects, how to use her words and not just whine when she wanted something, and good manners (e.g. saying excuse me mommy at 19 months :). I also love that Christina takes the kids out on little walks to nearby parks and to the library for story time.

And as a parent, Christina was always very professional and conscientious, and was great at communicating and sending pictures/text or email updates throughout the day. ” 


“We were new to the area and did not have any idea where to go for daycare. Through a few fortunate circumstances, we were introduced to Christina at Little Palms. Right from the start, the connection between our daughter and Christina was clear. Christina became a very important part of our daughter’s early growth and development and we could not have asked for a better person to do that. All the kids there had fun, played and explored but underneath was a schedule that meshed with ours making pickups and drop-offs a breeze. I would strongly recommend Christina and Little Palms to anyone looking to put their precious wee one in daycare.”

-Stephen S

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